New Superman trailer touches down

Zack Snyder finally gives fans a proper look at his Man of Steel... and it's epic

OMG, as they say...

What might be called the first 'proper' trailer for director Zack Snyder's take on Superman, 'Man of Steel', is currently causing mass hysteria online, and for all the right reasons.

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The first glimpse of Snyder's vision which emerged last year was sombre and thoughtful, holding pretty much everything back, and perhaps in line with producer Christopher Nolan's aesthetic for his 'Dark Knight' trilogy.

This, however, finally lets rip, confirming 'Man of Steel' to be the most anticipated film of the year.

From the escape from his home planet of Krypton to a troubled youth on Earth, Snyder's film looks to be attempting to have it all – a sensitive, almost realist take on what might actually happen if such a being walked among us, coupled with some heart-stopping action.

The menace of Michael Shannon's General Zod, who comes to Earth looking for Kal-El, is now unveiled too, and as predicted, it looks like an inspired piece of casting.

OK, it's only a trailer, and only three minutes of the final result, but this looks like it might well be the real deal, and the first proper rival to Richard Donner's benchmark 1978 movie.

It stars British actor Henry Cavill as Superman, alongside Shannon, Russell Crowe, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, Laurence Fishburne and Amy Adams.

It's due out on June 14