New Transformers 4 character poster reveals Mark Wahlberg's Cade

Two tickets to the gun show please.

The first character poster for Transformers: Age of Extinction has been launched revealing Mark Wahlberg as the franchise's new lead Cade Yeager.

With its bruised and brooding hero, wistful stare, huge guns (both anatomically and literallly), and "magic hour" style lens flare, the poster is typically Michael Bay.

But what is the weapon that Cade is wielding? He's holding it like a gun, but it looks more like a sword to us, albeit one fashioned with Autobot or Decepticon tech.

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Cade is the lead in the next chapter of Bay's Transformers series which features an all-new human cast.

He's a single father and inventor who is drawn into a plot involving the robots in disguise along with his daughter Tessa Yeager, played by Nicola Peltz, and her prospective boyfriend Shane, played by Irish newcomer Jack Reynor.

'Transformer: Age of Exctinction' is in cinemas on June 27, 2014.