New Robots set for Transformers 4?

Ben Arnold

Rumours of what the new cast of robots in 'Transformers 4' might entail have emerged... along with a few possible spoilers.

According to film site JoBlo, a number of the robot characters from the original animated series could be turning up in the sequel.

Among them are expected to be some of the Dinobots, the robots which turned into dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures.

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It's thought that the fearsome Dinobot leader and T-Rex transformer Grimlock may make an appearance, along with the pteranodon transformer Swoop.

Also set for the Michael Bay helmed sequel are the likes of Decepticon bounty hunter Lockdown, and the vast Unicron, who was, bizarrely, voiced by Orson Welles in the 1986 'Transformers' film.

Plot-wise, word has it that Lockdown is transporting a ship of decommissioned Transformers, which falls into the hands of Optimus Prime who reboots the Dinobots.

Also said to be involved is powerful Decepticon Galvatron.

Though the site cites the source as 'reliable', these remain very much rumours at this stage.

It follows some initial casting news from the production, including Mark Wahlberg playing Flynn Vincent, the father of the film's leading lady Nicola Peltz.

She plays the girlfriend of racing driver Jack Reynor, while Kelsey Grammer is confirmed as playing a villainous counter intelligence agent, the films lead human bad guy.

'The Hunger Games' star Stanley Tucci is also aboard.

It's due out in June 2014.