New X-Men film to start shooting in May … but what is it?

Gregory Wakeman
Is X-Men 7 really starting production in May? [Image via 20th Century Fox]

It’s been reported that a brand new ‘X-Men’ film will begin shooting in May, but we’re still none the wiser about what it will actually entail.

According to Le Journal de Montreal, via Den Of Geek, the seventh film in the ‘X-Men’ franchise will begin production this coming May in Montreal, as a production office has already opened up in the city at the MELS Studio complex.

Construction of ‘X-Men’s’ sets is due to begin in January, with the blockbuster’s production taking over Studios 2 and 3 of the space. Michael Trudel, the president of MELS, revealed that filming is set to go on for “several months,” before he then added, “they will start shooting in May.”

The big question is what are they actually going to be shooting in May?

The most recent speculation regarding the ‘X-Men’ franchise came last month, when it was rumoured that a mini-reboot of the series was being discussed by 20th Century Fox following the poor response to ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’.

At this point it was revealed that Bryan Singer wouldn’t be returning as director, while it was suggested that Simon Kinberg was working on a script, but the fact that neither Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy or Jennifer Lawrence had signed up to return meant plans were still up in the air.

Considering the amount that still needs to be figured out regarding ‘X-Men 7’ it would be a huge surprise if Fox have now decided to go full steam ahead with the film, especially considering they don’t have a script, director, or confirmed cast in place.

New Mutants is a more sensible guess [Image via 20th Century Fox]

As Den Of Geek rightfully point out, it’s more likely that ‘X-Men’ spin-off ‘New Mutants’ is instead being shot in Montreal in 2017, as it has already been announced that director Josh Boone will start filming Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber’s script in spring, and he’s already hard at work on pre-production for the film, too.

That would make much more sense anyway, as big-budgeted films that enter production without their ducks in order are on a hiding to nothing. Even then, though, it couldn’t be much worse than ‘X-Men: Apocalypse.’

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[Images via 20th Century Fox]