Video shows moment rapist police officer David Carrick was arrested

Disgraced PC David Carrick tried to use his status as a police officer when he was first arrested on suspicion of rape, newly-released footage has revealed.

The 48-year-old former Metropolitan Police firearms officer was jailed for life with a minimum term of 32 years at Southwark crown court on Tuesday, after admitting a horrific catalogue of sexual offences against 12 women.

Following the sentencing, Hertfordshire Police released footage of Carrick’s arrest, in October 2021, at a time when he was suspected of raping a woman he had met on an online date.

“There’s no necessity”, the shirtless Carrick told the arresting officers, as they sought permission to search his home.

“F**k’s sake, I’ve only been a police officer for 20 years”, he said.

Metropolitan Police officer David Carrick is among the country’s worst ever sex offenders (Hertfordshire Police/PA) (PA Media)
Metropolitan Police officer David Carrick is among the country’s worst ever sex offenders (Hertfordshire Police/PA) (PA Media)

A clearly irritated Carrick is seen on the footage shaking his head and exclaiming “f**k’s sake” and beligerently asking if the officers are going to take him away half-dressed.

“What is it you are searching for?”, he asks, referencing that the allegation dated back a year and alleged took place in St Albans.

It has previously been revealed Carrick remarked “not again” when he was detained on suspicion of rape, in an apparent reference to a July 2021 rape claim against him.

Following news of Carrick being charged with rape in October 2021, 12 women came forward to reveal attacks by the officer between 2003 and 2020.

Carrick, who was part of the Met’s Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Command, has now admitted 49 offences including 24 counts of rape, confirming his status as one of Britain’s worst sex offenders.

Victims told how he would control them, subject them to terrifying violence, and force them into sex repeatedly – sometimes over the course of several years.

Many were too afraid to come forward to police, fearing they would never be believed and Carrick’s status as a police officer made him “untouchable”.

The first woman Carrick is known to have raped wanted to report him in 2003, but was convinced not to by a hospital nurse.

One victim was sent a picture by Carrick of him posing with his police-issue gun, with the message “Remember I am the boss”.

Another said she went home with Carrick when he promised “I am the safest person you can be with”, and she said of her ordeal: “That night I felt I had encountered evil.”

Mrs Justice Cheema-Grubb said in her sentencing remarks: “The malign influence of men like you in positions of power stands in the way of a revolution of women’s dignity.

“It is remarkable that with one woman being driven to report an allegation against you, despite your position and power, others felt able to act.

“Even today, courage calls to courage everywhere and its voice cannot be denied.”

Carrick, from Stevenage, was handed 36 life sentences by the judge, who ordered him to serve at least 32 years in prison before he can be considered for release.