Jaguars' Urban Meyer says drafting Trevor Lawrence at No. 1 is 'the direction we're going'

Liz Roscher
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Urban Meyer, head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars, is still new to this whole NFL coaching thing. With a career spent at the college level, he's still getting used to the grand tradition of NFL coaches saying as little as possible about all subjects at all times.

Meyer hasn't yet mastered the art of head coach obfuscation, which is probably why he gave a real answer with real information when NBC Sports' Peter King asked him about drafting Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence with their first overall pick.

“Is there any real mystery that you’re picking Trevor Lawrence?” King asked Jacksonville coach Urban Meyer the other day.

“Uh,” Meyer said, not flinching, “I’d have to say that’s the direction we’re going. I’ll leave that up to the owner when we make that decision official. But I’m certainly not stepping out of line that that’s certainly the direction we’re headed.”

How refreshing. Meyer knows that the answer is obvious and, barring some extremely hilarious draft night calamity, the Jags will be drafting Lawrence first overall. He doesn't see any reason to hide it — which is how you know he's a new NFL head coach.

That will end soon enough, because it probably won't take Meyer long to learn the fine/annoying art of answering media questions as a head coach. Luckily for Jaguars fans, he hasn't learned yet, so they get to feel a little relief knowing that their team is almost certainly going to do the smart thing and bring Lawrence to Jacksonville.

Lawrence 'checks all the boxes'

It's obvious why the Jags will likely draft Lawrence first: he's the best quarterback available and the Jags need a quarterback. But beyond that, Meyer is impressed by Lawrence, and excited about what he'll bring to the team and to the NFL in general.

From NBC Sports:

“Trevor checks all the boxes, you know?” Meyer told King. “The number one common quality of every great player, not just quarterback, is competitive maniac. He’s 34-2. Won a national title as a true freshman. Is a winner. I’ve seen him up close and in person compete. And then character. I see him and I witness with my players, when the guys get drafted high, a lot of people get . . . They have influences in their live. Like, whether it be social media, whether it be other things that really don’t pertain to winning. What I’m really pleased with and I don’t want to say surprised, but him, his agent, his family, they’re focused on one thing. He wants to become the best version of himself for the National Football League, which is, well, it is somewhat refreshing.”

Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer revealed that they're heading in the
Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer revealed that they're heading in the "direction" of drafting Trevor Lawrence first overall. (David Platt/Handout Photo via USA TODAY Sports)

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