Tom Brady quips about a potential future in the CFL

Tom Brady was all smiles after another win across the pond. (Getty)
Tom Brady was all smiles after another win across the pond. (Getty) (Getty Images)

After moving to 4-0 in NFL global series games, Tom Brady thinks he’s ready for a new challenge north of the 49th parallel.

On his Let’s Go! podcast on Monday, Brady joked with fellow co-hosts Larry Fitzgerald and Jim Gray about his dominance outside the 48 contiguous states, after his Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the Seattle Seahawks 21-16 in Munich, Germany over the weekend.

"I'm hoping I can get to go to play in the CFL at some point and really see what I can make of myself up there," Brady quipped. "Because things have gone pretty well outside the country."

After co-host Jim Gray noted a connection to former teammate Doug Flutie, Brady added that his teammate in 2005 with New England had spoken highly of the Canadian game.

“[Flutie] is a former teammate and hero of mine,” Brady said. “He’s always said great things [about the CFL].”

While no CFL team owns Brady’s rights, the 45-year-old does have one notable connection to professional athletics up north.

Back in 1995, the Montreal Expos drafted Brady out of high school as a catcher with the 507th selection, ahead of multiple future MLB All-Stars. He also remains the last active professional athlete to have been drafted by the Expos, after longtime MLB utility man Ian Desmond retired earlier this year.

As for Brady and his Tampa Bay Buccaneers, their victory in Munich adds to the legend's Hall of Fame resume. The win makes Brady the first quarterback to win games in four different countries following his victories in London in 2009 and 2012, as well as in Mexico City in 2017.

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