Nicholas Hoult and Anya Taylor-Joy on working with Ralph Fiennes

Nicholas Hoult found Ralph Fiennes a "very intimidating" presence while filming The Menu, while co-star Anya Taylor-Joy felt strangely comfortable around the actor.

Fiennes leads the cast of director Mark Mylod's thriller as celebrity chef Julian Slowik, who has lured wealthy clients to his island restaurant for an unconventional, sinister evening of high-end cuisine.

The Menu is in UK cinemas from 18 November.

Video transcript

TOM BEASLEY: For you guys, on a scale of 1 to 10, how scary is Ralph Fiennes when he's in that mode?

ANYA TAYLOR-JOY: We have different answers. You go.

NICHOLAS HOULT: Eerily scary-- out of 10, I mean, he's got to be up there at a 10, I would say. It's very intimidating, in that environment that he created. And you do very much feel like you've entered his world when you enter that set of Hawthorne. But also at the same time, Ralph is so lovely, and warm, charming, that it's like, character, terrifying, 10 in those moments. But also, there's a little piece of you in the back of your mind that goes, it's lovely Ralph.

ANYA TAYLOR-JOY: It's lovely Ralph, yeah.

NICHOLAS HOULT: So maybe 9 and a half.

ANYA TAYLOR-JOY: And in terms of him being a phenomenal actor and having incredible presence, like, anything that he wants to project, he will nail it, 10 out of 10. I have a bizarre fascination with not only, like, actual monsters, but just people that are kind on the fringes of society. And I adore Ralph. And I found all of our scenes weirdly comforting.

So I'm going to give him, like, a two, a three? I just-- I just feel really comfortable with him. He's like one of the few people that I can just sit in a room in complete silence, and be like, I'm good. I'm easy.