Nicolas Cage: Adrenaline junkie

17 February 2012

Nicolas Cage has revealed he is addicted to adrenalin, because he finds it has a calming effect on him.

The 48-year-old Kick Ass star returns as a motorbike-riding henchman of the Devil in comic book action movie Ghost Rider 2, and revealed he was relaxed by the stunt work.

Nicolas said: "The odd thing with me - when you see me with all this caffeine on the table - is that it calms me down. Red Bull relaxes me.

"If someone puts some fire on me or asks me to drive very fast in a car chase, everything slows down and it gets my mind off whatever baggage may be happening. It all goes away and I relax, so I like doing stunts."

The actor revealed he would scare the crew on set by staying in character as the Ghost Rider.

He said: "I would walk on the set with this skull paint on my face and black contacts in my eyes and I wouldn't say a word to anybody. And that instilled fear in my co-stars which only inspired me more to believe, so I didn't have to act.

"The point is it stimulated my imagination to think I really was this character. I'd walk on set projecting this aura of horror and would see the fear was there [in my co-stars]. It was just like oxygen to a fire."

:: Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance In 3D is released in cinemas on Friday, February 17

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