Nicolas Cage deals with his marriage annulment via the medium of karaoke


Nicolas Cage clearly has a few issues to get off his chest.

The Hollywood legend has now been spotted in the same karaoke bar twice over three nights, both times belting out the same song.

Prince’s emotional anthem Purple Rain.

First he was spied last Friday night, truly bellowing out the song at the bar in Los Angeles’ Koreatown area.

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And he was spotted there again on Sunday night, reprising the song, but this time giving it a little less of the black metal roaring.

We don’t blame him, to be honest, because it would seem he’s going through a bit of a tough patch, relationship-wise.

Nicolas Cage (Credit: Sascha Steinbach/Getty Images)
Nicolas Cage (Credit: Sascha Steinbach/Getty Images)

Cage headed to Las Vegas earlier last month, where he married his girlfriend, Erika Koike.

But only four days later, he filed papers seeking to annul the nuptials, with documents reportedly detailing how the couple had been ‘drinking to the point of intoxication’ at the time.

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According to TMZ, Cage and make-up artist Koike were seen fighting both before and after the ceremony.

The papers go on to say that the actor ‘lacked understanding’ of what was going on, due to the intoxication, and ‘reacted on impulse without the ability to recognise or understand the full impact of his actions’.

It’s said that Koike is willing to have the marriage annulled, but is seeking spousal support for loss of earnings, damage to her reputation and payment of her legal fees.

Koike is Cage’s fourth wife, after Alice Kim, Lisa Marie Presley and Patricia Arquette.

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