Nicolas Cage reveals movie wish list before retirement

Nicolas Cage is open to appearing in "popcorn" films before he retires from Hollywood.

Last December, the 60-year-old actor announced he had "started to cement" his plan to leave the industry in the near future, though has now revealed he wouldn't immediately turn down a flick that "affects people" and is about the human experience.

During an interview with The New Yorker, he said: "I want to see people going through their hardships, their celebrations and relate to it, or find something to it that makes me feel less lonely in some way.

"I'm not interested in, you know, a $100 million science fiction. I do love science fiction, but I'm not necessarily going to the movie for the spectacle."

Although he is open to star in more down-to-earth pictures, the 'Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse' actor emphasised he did not want to appear in any blockbusters, and revealed he was "considering" a few movie offers "right now as we speak".

He explained: "That doesn't mean I wouldn't do more adventure films, or I wouldn't do something that's more popcorn.

"I'm considering it right now as we speak. But the movies that made me want to be a film actor are movies like Elia Kazan's or 'Raging Bull' — movies that were about people who were contending with the issues of life."

Cage – who appears alongside Maika Monroe in the upcoming horror flick 'Longlegs' - added he could have "three or four more lead roles" left in him before leaving Hollywood for good, and considered his part in the new movie to be more of a supporting one.

When asked if he wanted more screen time in 'Longlegs', Nicolas said: "It would have been a slippery slope. I think it could have lapsed into something almost too ridiculous.

"You don’t want to see that the shark is made of rubber, you know? You want the shark to be terrifying and keep it under the water for a lot of it."