Nicolas Cage ‘surprised’ by positive response to ‘wild’ new film Pig

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Nicolas Cage ‘surprised’ by positive response to ‘wild’ new film Pig

Nicolas Cage, after starring in a series of critical and commercial flops is “surprised” by the positive reaction his new film.

“It was very nice to have an enthusiastic response. It’s a little surprising but very nice.” The Oscar winner and one man meme machine told The Hollywood Reporter.

Cage has been the subject of much of the positive press the film has received with reviewers describing his role in Pig as his “best performance in years” and the movie itself as a “mournful fable of loss and withdrawal, art and ambition”. A drastic change from his recent work which has struggled to top 10 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes.

The Hollywood star was also questioned on the comparison between his new movie and Keanu Reeves’ John Wick series, but he refuted any similarities, stating “I couldn’t think of a movie further from John Wick than Pig.”

Pig, which follows Cage as a chef trying to rescue his prized truffle hunting hog from gangsters, looks at the connection between humans and animals. He cited this as one of the reasons he agreed to do the film, stating: “I understood the profound connection we can have with our animal brothers and sisters. I know I rely heavily on my friendship with my cats.”

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Cage also detailed why he preferred doing independent films like Pig rather than Hollywood blockbusters, such as The Rock and Con Air, from which he made his name.

“I do think there’s a cult of fear in the studio system that’s a little stifling, “he said, adding: “I don’t feel that when I’m making an independent movie”.

The prolific Cage, who has over 100 credits to his name, will also be seen this year in Prisoners of the Ghostland and Willy’s Wonderland.

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