Nicole Kidman has no plans to direct

Nicole Kidman has no plans to turn her hand to directing credit:Bang Showbiz
Nicole Kidman has no plans to turn her hand to directing credit:Bang Showbiz

Nicole Kidman has no plans to turn her hand to directing.

The 56-year-old actress has taken on the role of producer for many of her projects over the years, but she's admitted she won't go one step further and try helming a movie as the job involves making a lot of "choices" and that's not her "strong suit".

She told The Hollywood Reporter: "I feel like I would be a terrible director because I always have so many ideas. A director has to make choices, and that’s not my strong suit.

"I’m very good at being passionate and supporting the voices and reading a script and going ‘I love this script,’ or seeing somebody and going, ‘I love this actor, I love this director, how do I support them?’

"And they maybe have done nothing [before], but I want to get behind them. That’s what I love doing; it excites me, and it really makes me happy. I love shining the light on other people or helping to do that."

Nicole was honoured with the AFI Life Achievement Award at a glitzy gala in Los Angeles over the weekend, and during the ceremony she insisted she wants to help the next generation of talent come through.

She told the audience at the Dolby Theatre: "There’s so many more exciting young directors and voices that are completely original and need to be heard, and they have a lot to say.

"We need to give them a chance to say it and to hear them, and I am here, I am ready to roll up my sleeves. I am here always to support those voices."

The AFI Life Achievement Award is defined as being given to anyone whose acting career has "greatly contributed to the enrichment of American Culture" and Nicole admitted she was thrilled to be able to bring her husband Keith Urban, 56, and their daughters Sunday, 15, and Faith, 13, along to the event.

"It's beautiful to have a family to be able to go and want to share this with you, because you don't get to do that. A lot of the times, if you get invited to the Academy Awards, you get one ticket extra. "So the idea of being able to have your family come to something like this is really exciting."

Nicole also took her niece Sybella Hawley, sister Antonia Kidman and her brother-in-law Craig Marran along to the event.