Nicole Kidman Turns 50: Reasons Why We Want Her as Our Celebrity BFF

Nicole Kidman is celebrating a big milestone, as she turns 50.

She is one of Hollywood’s greatest icons, and lately she’s been enjoying a career comeback with her most recent role in the hit HBO drama Big Little Lies. And did we mention that everyone has been loving her more since? Plus, did you guys know she is super funny?

In honor of the Oscar winner’s big day, Yahoo Celebrity put together a list of reasons why we want her in our girl squad.

First up, Nicole’s unafraid to tell it like it is. Recently she was a part of a cooking segment on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and she gave some shady feedback to chef Giada De Laurentiis. Clearly underwhelmed with flatbread, she couldn’t hold back her comments: “I know you’re not meant to criticize, but it’s a little tough.”

Amidst the laughing, Nicole spit out the bread and added, “Do not let my kids see that I did that.”

Next, Nicole gives free relationship advice. She and country singer Keith Urban have been happily married now for 11 years. Naturally, she’s a strong believer in taking things to the next level, as she recently told Game of Thrones hunk Kit Harington who just moved in with his girlfriend Rose Leslie.

She said, “I just think it’s kind of nice. If you’re going to live together, maybe at least get engaged.”

Everyone needs a friend who takes you out of your comfort zone, and Nicole lives to make people uncomfortable. Especially Jimmy Fallon, who had a chance to date her — well, actually, two chances to be exact.

Lastly, Nicole doesn’t bail on her friends, and she’s there through thick and thin. She and fellow Aussie Naomi Watts went to high school together and decades later are still extremely close.

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