Night Court’s John Larroquette Paid Tribute To His Co-Star Richard Moll After His Death

 Richard Moll and John Larroquette on Night Court.
Richard Moll and John Larroquette on Night Court.

Hollywood has unfortunately lost a few TV titans this month and, in the aftermath of their deaths, their family, co-stars and friends have been left to mourn them. One of the latest beloved stars we’ve lost is Richard Moll, who died at 80 this past week. The affable and physically imposing actor had many roles in his repertoire, but he was arguably best known for his tenure on NBC’s Night Court (which can be streamed by Prime Video subscribers). Fans and actors alike have since paid tribute to Moll, including his longtime co-star on the hit sitcom, John Larroquette.

John Larroquette took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to pay his respects to his late friend and colleague. The 75-year-old actor dropped a sweet image of his buddy, which shows him in character as his humorous character from the show, Nostradamus "Bull" Shannon. Larroquette also memorialized the man with some sweet sentiments, which – like so many others as of late – showers praise upon the deceased star:

Charles Richard Moll 1943-2023 Larger than life and taller too.We first worked together on Mork and Mindy and then we spent nearly a decade helping Judge Harry Stone and the Night Court world come to life. My condolences and heart felt sympathy to his family and loved ones.

For nine seasons, John Larroquette played hilariously self-obsessed prosecutor Dan Fielding opposite Richard Moll’s Bull. The two shared more than their fair share of funny scenes together during the show’s successful run. Of course, as also mentioned above, the two worked together on Mork & Mindy (a famous sitcom that didn’t hit 100 episodes). You couldn’t ask for two better comedic actors for a half-hour comedy and, while they worked well together off camera, I’m glad it seems there was respect between the two off camera.

Sadly enough, a number of notable Night Court actors have passed away in just the past few years. Harry T. Stone actor Harry Anderson died at 65 in 2018, while the actor who portrayed Mac Robinson, Charles Robinson, passed away at 75 in 2021. That same year would also mark the unfortunate passing of Markie Post (at 70), who famously played Christine Sullivan. While it’s sad that they’ve left us, their lives and work surely will not be forgotten.

It’s arguably  because of their work and efforts to make the show successful that Night Court was brought back this year, with Big Bang Theory alum Melissa Rauch spearheading the revival. While the show mostly features a new cast of characters, John Larroquette’s Dan was brought back and serves as a supporting character. The season finale also featured Marsha Warfield’s Roz Russell, who reunited with Dan Fielding under humorous circumstances. The show has since been renewed for Season 2 as well.

As John Larroquette continues his second stint as Dan, I’d like to think that he’ll hold Richard Moll’s memory close and will do the same in regard to his other deceased co-stars. Moll was certainly a once-in-a-generation kind of comedic force, and he’ll be truly missed by those who watched him for so many years.

We here at CinemaBlend continue to extend our condolences to the family and loved ones of Richard Moll at this time.