The Nightmare Before Christmas is getting a sequel

Ryan Leston
·UK Movies Writer

It’s official – ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ is getting a sequel.

But it’s not going to be a movie.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the iconic Jack Skellington will be back… in an all-new comic book coming sometime next year.

“It’s taken almost 25 years, but Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas is finally going to get a sequel – but it won’t be happening onscreen,” they revealed. “Manga publisher Tokyopop has secured a license for the first-ever Nightmare Before Christmas comic book project that expands the story beyond what was seen in Tim Burton’s beloved 1993 holiday tale.”

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So, what’s it going to be about?

‘Nightmare Before Christmas: Zero’s Journey’ will apparently take us beyond the events of the original movie, following Jack’s dog, Zero has he gets to explore the festively-themed Christmas Town.

The original Nightmare Before Christmas as adapted by Tokyopop – Credit: Tokyopop
The original Nightmare Before Christmas as adapted by Tokyopop – Credit: Tokyopop

When will it be available?

Well, it’s coming sometime in spring 2018, and will first appear in comic book stores as a serialized run of full-colour issues, before being collected and published as two distinct editions – full-colour trade paperbacks as well as black-and-white ‘pocket-sized manga’ volumes.

‘Nightmare Before Christmas: Zero’s Journey’ is written by DJ Milky, with artwork from Studio DICE (which also produced artwork for Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ comic book adaptation).

‘Zero’s Journey’ will follow on from the previously-released comic book adaptation of ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ which is also available from Tokyopop.

‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ was originally released in 1993, and was directed by Henry Sellick, based on a story by Tim Burton. It earned more than $75 million worldwide and became an instant animated classic.

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