Nightmare neighbour flings faeces over a couples' fence

Nightmare neighbour

Video and words from SWNS

A couple have been left feeling "intimidated" in their own home after months of being targeted by a nightmare neighbour - who throws poo and urine into their garden.

George Purchase, 68, and his wife Lovine, 64, have been the victims of "disgusting" acts by one of their neighbours for the past 18 months.

The couple claim the man, who they did not wish to name, has previously targeted Lovine's car, allegedly letting down the tyres, and pouring liquid over it that they believed to be urine.

And last Sunday night - after a couple of months of no incidents - the neighbour struck again, sneaking across the road just after 11.15pm and throwing poo-covered toilet paper over the couple's fence.

In "disgusting" footage captured by the CCTV camera on George and Lovine's house, their neighbour can be seen pouring brown liquid from one container to another, and chucking it over the fence at their shed.

Dressed in a dark fleece with a dark hat pulled low over his head, the neighbour is momentarily startled when a motion detection sensor light turns on on the driveway.

But he remains undeterred, and continues about his 'business' - not even seeming to mind when some of the liquid splashes down himself.


George, who lives in Cottenham, Cambs., said: "It just deflates you - it makes us feel defeated.

"Various things have happened over the past 18 months, and we just can't seem to get anything done about it.

"We're just waiting for the police to come round and question him."

George and his wife, who have lived across the road from the man for the past five years, have "no idea" why they are being targeted.

But George said: "He had a bit of a problem with my son-in-law, who lives up the road, and that's when things started happening.

"He was nice when we first moved in - he used to bring over runner beans to us, and my wife would give him a bit of pie.

"But now when I see him, or try to reason with him, he just threatens me."

He added: "Our main concern is that we can't seem to get any help cleaning it all up - we have to do it ourselves."

And Lovine's daughter, and George's step-daughter, Kat Robinson, who also lives in Cottenham, said the whole ordeal is "very upsetting" for her mum and stepfather.

She said: "My mum is very proud, and she doesn't understand what she's done wrong.

"They don't bother anybody, they're a very quiet couple.

"They've tried to reason with him but he just tells them to 'eff off'.

"He shouts obscenties at my stepdad when he goes for a walk around the block - so now my stepdad feels like he can't walk past this guy's bungalow. It worries him."

Nightmare neighbour

And speaking about the latest poo-flinging incident, Kat added: "It's disgusting, it's just gross.

"My mum and stepdad should not be cleaning that up during the Covid-19 situation.

"A few people around there have said he's been a nuisance neighbour.

"He doesn't like kids - including my sister and brother-in-laws children who live on that street - and he's shouted at them before to go back to their own homes.

"He's been dealt with by police before, by a PCSO, and was just issued with a warning letter," Kat said.

George and Lovine are now hoping their neighbour will be charged over last week's incident.

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Police say they are investigating the incident at this time.

A Cambridgeshire Police spokesperson said: "We were called at 7.38am on Monday (May 11) with reports human waste had been thrown onto a property in Orchard Close, Cottenham the previous evening.

"An investigation into the matter is ongoing."