The No. 1 tip for a successful trip with your partner? Spend time without them.

  • Serena Masand and Anish Kotecha have traveled to 40 countries together.

  • Masand and Kotecha's top tip for couples traveling together is to spend some time apart.

  • Since they do things individually at home, splitting up gives them a sense of routine on the road.

When Serena Masand and Anish Kotecha wake up in Europe, one of them will venture out alone to get coffee and croissants for breakfast. For Masand and Kotecha, it's the perfect way to start their day of travels — individually.

Originally from London, Masand and Kotecha were passionate travelers before they met four years ago. Since then, they've become full-time travelers and visited 40 countries together, sharing experiences like backpacking through South America and fishing in Vietnam.

Along the way, they created UNDISCVERED, a travel platform showcasing their most unique experiences around the world. The duo also works with brands they've found on their travels to provide off-the-beaten-path recommendations for where to stay and eat, and what to do. The couple promotes their selections on Instagram, where, as of October 2023, they've accumulated 18,600 followers.

Two photos of the coupe exploring on their travels
Serena Masand and Anish Kotecha explore Izmir, Turkey.Courtesy of UNDISCVERED

Serena Masand and Anish Kotecha say time apart is key

Traveling as a duo has taught Masand and Kotecha how to make the most of their trips, and that includes having time apart.

"When you're traveling as a couple, you're in each other's space all the time," Masand told Insider. "At home, you individually go to work or you see your individual friends. So when we travel together, we make a point to do some things individually to break that time up so that it feels like we're in our normal routine."

The couple said for trips that are two weeks or longer, they always find time to do some things individually.

For example, during a recent three-month trip to Bangkok, Masand attended a series of women's entrepreneur workshops. And when the couple spent four months in Bali, Kotecha took surfing lessons on his own twice a week.

A couple talking in front of a yellow wall with a black covered window behind them.
Masand and Kotecha hang out in Athens.Courtesy of UNDISCVERED

Kotecha added that when traveling in a couple, it's important to be aware of your own interests as well as your partners, since they may vary. And planning for each person's interests may help you find more opportunities to split up.

"I think that's also really key for getting along when you travel, just understanding what you want to see in a destination and whether or not the other half wants to," he said. "It's important to understand what each other really wants to see and wants to get out of the trip."

For Masand and Kotecha, these independent activities have helped them grow individually and appreciate each other while traveling.

So, next time you wake up with your partner in a new place, try doing something just for yourself. It could be as simple as taking a walk, and bringing back some breakfast.

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