No CGI in Evil Dead Remake

Ben Arnold
Yahoo UK Movies News

The director of the forthcoming remake of horror classic 'The Evil Dead' has said that there is no CGI used in the production whatsoever.

In what is a remarkable revelation considering the genre's dependency on computer-generated imagery, director Fede Alvarez has said that he has gone for old school illusion-based special effects instead.

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But the move has meant that the production has cost much more than it would have done had CGI have been used.

“We didn’t do any CGI in the movie. There’s no CGI in the movie,” he told io9.

“Everything you will see is real, which was really demanding. This was a very long shoot, 70 days of shooting at night.

“There’s a reason people use CGI; it’s cheaper and faster, I hate that. We researched a lot of magic tricks and illusion tricks. [Like] how you would make someone’s arm disappear.”

The trailer to the film was released last week, and has been hailed for its unflinching gore.

Though some fans are aghast that the classic 1981 film is being remade at all, original director Sam Raimi and star Bruce Campbell are on board as producers.

Speaking about the film last year, Campbell said: “I know you fans were p*ssed. Don't think I didn't read about it every single day. Just wait and see the movie. I will accept all of your collective apologies.

“We don't want to screw this up. Even though I make fun of you fans relentless, we want to make you happy horror filmgoers. This movie will be like putting on a comfortable shoe. It will squeeze you. You will say, 'That feels just like an Evil Dead shoe.' But then you say, 'I can't get this shoe off!'”

It features Jane Levy in the starring role, along with Shiloh Fernandez, Jessica Lucas, Lou Taylor Pucci and Elizabeth Blackmore, while 'Juno' writer Diablo Cody was brought in to buff Alvarez's revised script.

It's due out in the UK on April 12.