No One Will Save You Trailer Has Kaitlyn Dever Fighting Aliens, And It Looks Like It Might Be The Scariest Movie Of Spooky Season 2023

 Kaitlyn Dever peeking around a corner with a look of fright in No One Will Save You.
Kaitlyn Dever peeking around a corner with a look of fright in No One Will Save You.

Two of the most tense scenarios any thriller can hang its proverbial hat on are alien abductions and home invasions. In the upcoming movie No One Will Save You is about to sandwich those fears together, with The Walking Dead vet Kaitlin Dever fighting off those extraterrestrials trying to get her. Judging by what we’ve seen in the newly released trailer, it could be one of the scariest movies of 2023.

Writer/director Brian Duffield’s picture sees Dever’s character Brynn, isolated in what looks like an idyllic, out of the way location. That is, until the E.T.s in question show up in 20th Century Studios’ trailer, throwing everything into chaos as they pursue their target. Already this is looking like it's partially a spiritual successor to another streaming exclusive hit: the critically acclaimed Predator prequel, Prey.

As if that’s not enough, the synopsis to this original film available with a Hulu subscription makes special note of how these visitors “threaten her future while forcing her to deal with her past.” So there's more trauma than meets the eye in this wild looking adventure, and that's saying something based on what you can see above.

Now obviously we’re not getting a lot of peeks at the beasties central to No One Will Save You. Come to think of it, it’s not apparent whether there’s more than one, or if this is a 1v1 match between Kaitlyn Dever and her would-be attacker.

All that can be assumed at this point is that whatever is stalking the Last Man Standing cast member, it’s resorting to some interesting strategies in its side of the game. Overturning a mail truck is certainly a strong message to send people you’re trying to strand, and possibly kill. So is distorting broadcast signals, and playing with the electricity that runs throughout your prey’s living area.

However, taking over some of the only other humans in the area Kaitlyn Dever is trying to escape is quite ingenious. Not to mention, it looks like that possession was achieved during yoga hour, and I’m now frightened of that very exercise practice just a little more.

One of the greatest compliments I can pay No One Will Save You, based on its trailer and pedigree alone, is that it mixes two different things I happen to enjoy. As it presents a 10 Cloverfield Lane style vibe from the same writer/director who gave us the vastly underrated comedy Spontaneous, those two halves mix quite well for me.

That is especially true when, again, being reminded of the fact that this alien creature’s reveal looks to be one of the biggest thrills to look forward to. Taking a page from the Cloverfield mystery box marketing strategy, that's a tease that can play for as long or as short as you want. Which is good for those of you who are a bit more impatient, as we'll only have to wait until No One Will Save You debuts on September 22nd to find out!

As one of the many exclusive titles that make up what’s new on Hulu, you'll definitely  want to watch the skies when it comes to what’s currently on the platform, and what’s being added in the coming months. You never know what could be lurking on the horizon.