No stars are going to Donald Trump's Hollywood fundraiser

Ben Arnold
Donald Trump (Credit: Getty)

You didn’t necessarily need to watch the Oscars or the Golden Globes to know that President Donald Trump isn’t a big draw in Hollywood these days.

So it might come as little surprise that a planned fundraiser by Trump in Hollywood is coming up pretty empty in terms of stars.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, even those that are going have ‘tenuous’ links to the entertainment business.

One invitee told the magazine: “This fundraiser could have been held in St. Louis.”

Another added: “The atmosphere in Hollywood is so toxic — you wouldn’t know unless you were on the receiving end of it.

“We’re not talking about classy people like Cary Grant and Lauren Bacall, they’re worried that some nobody actor will scream ‘motherf**ker’ at the president.”

Being held tonight, the 90 guests are being asked to provide their social security numbers to the secret services, and are being told to keep the venue, apparently somewhere in Beverly Hills, a secret.

The cheapest ticket for the event costs $35,000, or $50,000 for a couple, with a $100,000 ticket including a photograph with Trump.

There’s also a $250,000 option, donated to conservative causes, which gets you into a roundtable discussion with the president.

Trump’s visit to California, his first since inauguration, sits in stark contrast to those of President Obama.

“Obama would come to town with 30 cars and close down Wilshire Boulevard, but Trump’s people want to get in and out quickly,” said one source.

The event is being part organised by the Republican National Committee’s deputy finance chair Elliott Broidy, who has been linked to the Malaysian money laundering scandal which has also embroiled Leonardo DiCaprio’s production company over its funding of The Wolf of Wall Street.

Another source who has seen’s the guest list for the event added: “You’d be surprised at the lack of star power.”

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