Noah Syndergaard was on 'Game of Thrones' in the perfect Mets role

Like many of us, New York Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard is huge fan of HBO’s “Game of Thrones.” As the television series winds down, some celebrities have been able to make small cameos as citizens of Westeros.

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Syndergaard made his appearance during Sunday’s excellent episode. You may have missed it at the time, which is a shame, because Syndergaard played a role all too fitting for a Mets player.

We’ll explain what we mean in a sec, but first, take a look at Syndergaard in all his glory.

We’ll start off for those of you who don’t watch “Game of Thrones,” and only clicked on this because you enjoy baseball and Syndergaard. Oh, spoiler alert, we guess. You know, if you care about those things.

Syndergaard plays the role of a large soldier who hurls a weapon at the enemy. His side loses the battle in spectacular fashion, and he likely dies an excruciating death. Yep, that sounds just like the Mets.

Yep, that was the face we made when he found out Noah Syndergaard cameoed on “Game of Thrones.” (AP Photo/Kathy Willens)

For those of you who are deeply involved with the show, you already know Syndergaard played a Lannister soldier. That makes sense. Syndergaard does have flowing blonde locks. Maybe he’s a distant Lannister cousin we’ve never met. He fought alongside Jaime, Bronn, Lord Tarly and Dickon as the Dothraki mindlessly cut through his fictional friends and family.

Oh yeah, and then Dany arrived on her dragon, Drogon, and started torching everyone.

The real-life Syndergaard acknowledged things looked pretty bad for him, but he offered up a valid excuse for being on the losing side.

So, we’re going to guess Syndergaard didn’t make it out of there alive. But before he died a painful death by fire, he was given a moment of glory. The spear thrown by Syndergaard went right through a Dothraki soldier. He took one man out, at least.

That should do it for Syndergaard on the show. Unless … well, we never technically saw him die on screen. “Game of Thrones” author George R.R. Martin is famous for bringing back characters with ambiguous endings to shock fans.

Is it possible Syndergaard is still out there waiting to exact his revenge against a dragon? Will he eventually sit on the Iron Throne?

Probably not. It would be much more likely for Syndergaard to return only to be killed in a more twisted and gruesome way. Now that would really remind us of the Mets.

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