Noomi Rapace considered breast implants for role

Michael Edwards
Yahoo UK Movies News

Noomi Rapace famously considered getting a real tattoo for 'The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo', now the 'Prometheus' star reveals she considered enhancing her boobs for a forthcoming film.

According to an interview with an Australian newspaper, the actress said:

"I'm doing this movie later on, where I'm supposed to be blonde and blue-eyed with pretty big boobies.

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"I was thinking about putting in fake tits - because so many actresses do it, although not for a specific role. I went to a clinic and met a doctor, and did a lot of research.

"It's a big procedure - it's quite painful, and then I'd need to take them out again for the part I'm doing afterwards. So although I'm not afraid of pushing it, I don't want to do surgery. Probably."

We think she's probably right, but what do you reckon? Should an actress consider going under the knife for a part?