Norway's 'PyeongChangnam Style' parody even more proof of Winter Olympics domination

Norway is dominating the 2018 Winter Olympics, and that isn’t surprising.

Norway had already racked up 38 medals as of Saturday night in PyeongChang, South Korea, 10 more than the next closest country. The trend isn’t new. Norway has won 367 total medals in its Winter Olympics history, by far the most among any competing nation. It even boasts Marit Bjorgen, the most decorated athlete in Winter Olympic history.

Norway lives for the Winter Olympics every four years, and for good reason. Dominating a major international event every single time will do that for a nation.

Norway, once again, is dominating the Winter Olympics. (Pyeongchangnam Style/NRK Sport)

Heading into PyeongChang was no different — and they made sure the rest of the world knew they were ready for the games.

Bjorgen and other members of Norway’s cross-country ski team appeared in a K-pop parody video with a television host to K-pop star Psy’s “Gangnam Style” called “PYEONGCHANGNAM STYLE.”

The video is truly something else. Maybe because Norwegian comedy is generally lost on most Americans, or simply because it’s so outrageous.

Either way, Norway made one thing clear — both in the video and out competing in PyeongChang: they still own the Winter Olympics.

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