Nova Poshta plans continued aggressive expansion to connect Ukrainian refugees with loved ones

Nova Poshta
Nova Poshta

Ukraine’s leading postal service has made it a priority to connect Ukrainian refugees living abroad with friends and family back home, and plans to continue its ambitious growth through 2024.

Nova Poshta co-founder, Volodymyr Popereshnyuk, has revealed the schedule for opening new branches in European countries in 2023-2024.

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The company aims to enter markets in 18 additional countries by the fall of 2024:

  • Milan, Italy – November 2023

  • Paris, France – December 2023

  • Madrid, Spain – February 2024

  • Istanbul, Turkey – February 2024

  • Sofia, Bulgaria – March 2024

  • London, United Kingdom – March 2024

  • Dublin, Ireland – April 2024

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands – April 2024

  • Brussels, Belgium – May 2024

  • Bern, Switzerland – May 2024

  • Lisbon, Portugal – May 2024

  • Ljubljana, Slovenia – June 2024

  • Zagreb, Croatia – June 2024

  • Athens, Greece – July 2024

  • Copenhagen, Denmark – July 2024

  • Helsinki, Finland – August 2024

  • Stockholm, Sweden – September 2024

  • Oslo, Norway – September 2024

"I confess that our development managers were against publishing this because, as responsible people, they worry about not looking like liars if something doesn’t go according to plan,"  Popereshnyuk wrote, expressing confidence that the company team "will handle everything."

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Nova Poshta has already opened 63 branches in Poland, Lithuania, Czechia, Romania, Germany, and Moldova, with plans to enter Latvia, Hungary, Italy, France, and Austria by the end of the year. The company opened its first branch in Estonia on Oct. 20, followed by Hungary on Nov. 10.

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