Now You See Me star Dave Franco will play Vanilla Ice in new biopic

Photo credit: Amy Sussman - Getty Images
Photo credit: Amy Sussman - Getty Images

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Now You See Me star Dave Franco is getting ready to re-live the 1990s in his next role, as he's gearing up to play the role of Vanilla Ice in an upcoming biopic.

While reports of a Vanilla Ice biopic have been around since early 2019, Franco has now opened up about the project and confirmed his role in it during a recent interview.

"We have been in development for a while but we are inching closer and closer to preproduction," Franco told Insider.

Photo credit: Amy Sussman - Getty Images
Photo credit: Amy Sussman - Getty Images

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And while he explained that, due to the coronavirus pandemic, there's no production start date for the film right now, Franco added that he has been in contact with Vanilla Ice, whose real name is Rob Van Winkle, to get to grips with the role.

"Rob is such a sweet and intelligent guy and he's been super helpful in the process of getting all the details correct and making us privy to information the public doesn't know," Franco explained.

"Just talking to him I can't help but think about the rabbit holes I'm going to go down to get ready for the role."

Photo credit: Dave Hogan - Getty Images
Photo credit: Dave Hogan - Getty Images

During the interview, Franco also shared that he's hoping the new movie can strike the same tone as The Disaster Artist, the 2017 biographical drama film about the production of Tommy Wiseau's 2003 film The Room in which he starred alongside his brother James.

"With that movie, people expected us to make a broad comedy where we make fun of Tommy Wiseau," he said.

"But the more real we played it, the funnier and heartfelt it was — that's the tone we want for this one as well."

According to the logline from a 2019 report in Production Weekly, the film will be called To The Extreme, after the rapper's debut studio album in 1990.

The biopic will focus on Vanilla Ice's rise to fame after topping the charts with 'Ice Ice Baby', as well as his "struggles with stardom, extortion attempts, and selling out as he makes music history".

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