The OA fan theory suggests Netflix cancellation is fake

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Note: This article contains mind-bending spoilers for season two of The OA.

Just days ago, supernatural drama The OA was confirmed as Netflix's latest victim when it was cancelled after just two seasons.

As well as prompting a wave of support from fans calling for its resurrection, The OA is now the subject of a compelling fan theory that suggests, actually... its cancellation is just a ruse.

The theory, which originated on Reddit, uses the show's multi-dimensional nature to its advantage, suggesting that the alternate dimensions and meta-narratives revealed in the season two finale point to a publicity stunt.

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Season two, or 'Part II', of The OA ended with the introduction of a new dimension, in which OA (Original Angel) is not the show's character, but rather a woman named Brit Marling – the series real-life lead – who is playing the character of OA in a TV series.

(We told you it was meta.)

After looking into the Netflix drama's unique fourth-wall breakdown, Reddit user smithif is now hopeful that the news of its cancellation isn't really the end at all.

They argue that there are a number of signs from the show's co-creators Zal Batmanglij and Brit Marling, as well as Netflix, that point to a "larger game being played".

Photo credit: Nicola Goode - Netflix

You can read the full theory below.

"The fact that [its cancellation] was announced today when the renewal movement was supposed to begin is clue #1. The fact that the inception of the renewal movement was started by Jason Isaacs is clue #2. Brit's tweet about the last text from Grandma Vu is clue #3. The netflix VP's quote about looking forward to working with Brit and Zal in this dimension and many others is clue #4.

"We have now truly moved into the third season where the show was cancelled due to Brit (OA) being injured, and not being able to continue her role as OA. Due to the show being cancelled Hap has a way to help repress Nina and OA inside of Brit, by saying she just misses the character and acting on the show.

"Jason Isaacs (Hap) is pushing for the show to continue so that he seems like a caring husband, thus adding more doubt to Brit's mind, [and] the rest remains to be seen."

Confused? Us too. Convinced? Perhaps.

The first two seasons of The OA are available to stream on Netflix worldwide.

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