'Ocean's 8' stars defend 'Ghostbusters' remake and blast 'loser' film trolls: 'Get a grip, get a life, get one friend!' (exclusive)

The cast of Ocean’s 8 has spoken out in defence of the Ghostbuster remake and blasted those trolls who attacked it as “losers” who need to “get a life.”

Mindy Kaling and Sarah Paulson were pretty damning in their criticism of those original Ghostbusters fan who spouted vitriol at the cast and filmmakers from the minute the remake was announced.

“What loser in the world is so obsessed with remaking a movie like Ghostbusters from 1984 that they’re so angry about it now?” Kaling told Yahoo Movies. “It came out so many years ago so I just laugh when I think about the person who is so impassioned, as though the movie raised them like a wetnurse and couldn’t be remade.”

“We were talking about this earlier, I like the movie Casablanca, I don’t think it should get remade but if someone wanted to remake it I would be like ‘I don’t think that is such a good idea, but go with god.’ I’m not going to stop it with my gang of angry fans,” she continued.

Ocean’s 8 stars Sarah Paulson and Mindy Kaling call out the Ghostbusters trolls
Ocean’s 8 stars Sarah Paulson and Mindy Kaling call out the Ghostbusters trolls

“So on principle, I was mad about what happened with Ghostbusters, and I’m very happy we sort of escaped that.”

Paulson was just as irate with the predominantly male reaction to female-led remakes.

“Yeah ’cause also these imprints are made and they don’t go away, even so much so that you’re asking the question because it still feels relevant and it applies ,” the actress explained, “but it is just frustrating because those people made a film, that I guarantee they had a great time making, and there was a decision made before it even came out that that shouldn’t happen.

“What? Get a life! Seriously, get a life! Get a grip, get a life, get one friend.”

Sandra Bullock said that she did feel the pressure to deliver a good Ocean’s movie because of the treatment the Ghostbusters film received.

“Those amazingly talented women just went into a firing squad and it wasn’t fair, so there was that pressure of doing a good movie that was entertaining,” the actress said.

There has been lots of talk about all-female remakes and sequels and what the stars have to do in order to correct some of the original male films’ sometimes misogynistic and sexist tropes, but Cate Blanchett says she’s been doing that throughout her career.

“I think I’ve just innately done that,” Cate said, “there are certain roles that are written in a certain way and you play against that you don’t have to play into those tropes you can always play against it and I think women have been doing that for years, for decades.

“I just think the narrative, the conversation around the work has to change and the media has a huge responsibility to play in that because within the industry I feel like profound changes have been and are being made by women themselves, who aren’t waiting any longer.

We’re not being polite about it but the conversation around the work keeps on, [like] Groundhog Day,” Blanchett added.

Ocean’s 8 is a sequel to the George Clooney-led heist franchise
Ocean’s 8 is a sequel to the George Clooney-led heist franchise

There’s certainly been a lot of conversation around Ocean’s 8 especially tabloid rumours of fighting behind the scenes, that only seem to get published about female performers work together and rarely when male performers do.

“Yes, and this is what happened yesterday,” Bullock recalled. “We were all doing interviews and all of a sudden our publicist got this same email from a tabloid saying I was a problem and I was demanding things.

“They want us to have a problem, We don’t have a problem with each other. I wish we did. Maybe it will happen in Ocean’s 9 and we’ll be sick of each other but at this point, there have been no fights.”

“It’s really interesting that it came out after the film had a great opening weekend,” Cate added.

“Go figure.”

Ocean’s 8 is in cinemas from Monday, June 18

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