Octavia Spencer and Will Ferrell on singing in Spirited

Will Ferrell has confessed it was "quite daunting" to take on a singing role alongside Octavia Spencer in new Christmas movie Spirited.

The film is a unique spin on A Christmas Carol and imagines the spirits responsible for visiting Scrooge as employees of a company, which picks a loathsome individual to redeem each year.

Ferrell's Ghost of Christmas Present, on the brink of retirement, decides to challenge himself by taking on the "unredeemable" marketing man Clint Briggs (Ryan Reynolds).

Spirited is streaming via Apple TV+ from 18 November.

Video transcript

TOM BEASLEY: I wanted to ask you guys about the musical side of it because neither of you are sort of known, I guess, as singers. So was that a bit daunting for you?

OCTAVIA SPENCER: I won't be known as a singer after this either.


WILL FERRELL: I don't know that.

TOM BEASLEY: I thought you both sound great. I thought you sounded great.

WILL FERRELL: Hey, you know it was-- it was kind of slightly daunting going into it. And then the more you scratch the surface, it becomes three times as daunting. It was like, oh, no, this is-- wow, this is gonna be a lot. But it was too late, we had already signed the contract.

OCTAVIA SPENCER: And you have to commit.


OCTAVIA SPENCER: But here's the thing--


OCTAVIA SPENCER: --I actually felt better about the singing when we started singing together--


OCTAVIA SPENCER: --because it didn't feel as daunting. And I was like, wow, Will is really good. I just need to-- I need to play opposite him. And so--


OCTAVIA SPENCER: --it made it a lot more fun for me when we started working together.

WILL FERRELL: But it is something-- yeah, Octavia's right. You can't-- there's no kind of half speed. You have to really go for it and find that confidence. And you know, we were lucky, we worked with great people to help us get there.