The Office's Rainn Wilson Shared A Sweet Note He Got From A Flight Attendant, And I'm Not Crying You Are

 Dwight in The Office.
Dwight in The Office.

The Office’s staying power hasn’t waned since signing off the air in 2013. Thanks to first-run syndication and its huge run on Netflix, the NBC sitcom has only continued to grow in popularity and viewership. This increase can be seen in the ever-growing fandom across multiple generations. The cast has experienced this appreciation firsthand from countless fans, and recently Dwight Schrute actor Rainn Wilson shared a sweet note he got from a flight attendant.

The Dark Winds star took to his X account to show his appreciation for the sitcom’s fans. According to Wilson, he was recognized by an Office fan who left a secret note. He mentioned an Alaska Airlines flight attendant didn’t interact with him, and he didn’t get to thank her for the note. The moment was starkly different from a viral plane video of a fan not recognizing him, and you can see the sweet handwritten note below:

It’s nice to know The Office is still bringing comfort and joy to TV viewers despite not airing a new episode for a decade. Wilson still has love and appreciation for The Office cast and crew despite working on multiple shows since then. However, he did caution other fans to not leave random thank-you notes in the future.

I didn’t even see who dropped this on my lap at the PDX airport but I greatly appreciate the sentiment, flight attendant Melanie of Alaska Airlines. So humbled to be a part of a show that affected, touched, comforted and inspired. And continues to do so! It’s so fucking rare. A continuous Thank you to the whole Office family, cast, writers, crew and especially AUDIENCE! (Note: this is not an open invitation to give me notes on napkins!)

The attendant’s note especially touched my heart. I held back tears as I read it. She spoke for The Office fandom who cherished the Dunder-Mifflin staff and their messy and chaotic office. Watching the NBC sitcom episode-by-episode or binging the entire series can serve as comfort food for millions of viewers. Just reliving certain moments brings a smile to my face.

The flight attendant expressed the same sentiment that many Office faithful have felt over the years. Of course, there are diehard fans who’ve been there since the first episode, but the pandemic found new fans through Peacock subscriptions and Netflix subscriptions. The workplace comedy’s humor and relatability have made it a go-to show for different generations. Watching the hilarious chaos of Dunder-Mifflin allowed viewers to escape whatever hardships they were experiencing. Jim and Pam’s relationship evolution and Dwight's plotting to become the Scranton office manager serve up the right escapism for viewers during rough times.

All this love between the cast and the fans may stir those pleas for a revival in the future. However, a revival might not happen if The Office creator Greg Daniels has any say. Daniels expressed zero interest in a reboot, but he wants to do a new take on the classic sitcom. As viewers wait anxiously to see if a reboot still happens, they can watch The Office’s best episodes of all time in the meantime.