Olivia Wilde’s kids ‘begging her’ to make non R-rated movie

Olivia Wilde has revealed her children want her to make a film they can watch.

The actress and director admitted her kids, Otis, 10, and Daisy, seven, are "begging me to make something that's not rated R. They are like, ‘Mom this is irresponsible!’”

Olivia, 40, who recently directed R-rated film Don't Worry Darling starring Harry Styles, currently has three projects in pre-production; Avengelyne, Naughty and Perfect. Perfect is the only one without an R-rating.

"I have one they can see right now," she joked.

“The next few projects I'm directing all have a common theme, which are women who are living without shame,” she told People. “It's interesting - they're three very different movies but it's all about women being empowered.”

She added that she wants her children to watch her work once they're old enough.

“I do think about the effect they have on my kids,” she said about her films. “In the end, I want them to learn from me that everything you do in your life is all a learning process. I wouldn't be the director I am today if I hadn't made all the things I've made. I try to encourage them all the time: You don't have to feel like everything is the greatest thing you've ever done.”

She revealed Daisy “wants to be a director, which is so cool. She loves music videos. We sit and study the direction of, like, Dua Lipa, Taylor (Swift), Billie (Eilish), Olivia (Rodrigo), and then direct her own videos. And then we cut them together.”

Olivia shares her children with ex-husband Jason Sudeikis.