'One of the Biggest Red-Bellies I've Caught': Australian Snake Catcher Relocates Venomous Reptile

A snake catcher relocated a large red-bellied black snake from a home on the Sunshine Coast, Australia, after a short stand-off with the reptile.

Video provided by Stuart McKenzie of the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers shows the “massive” snake repeatedly lunge at McKenzie before the wrangler hoists it up by its tail.

“Look at the size of this snake. Huge! I’m six foot tall, and it’s nearly up to my shoulders, so that would make it a five foot chunky red-belly,” McKenzie is heard saying in the video. Credit: Stuart McKenzie via Storyful

Video transcript

STUART MCKENZIE: See him right.

- Well, he didn't [INAUDIBLE].


- In here.

STUART MCKENZIE: Oh, the little ones?

- Yeah.


- He's in here, as well.

- We've tried. I can't see him.

STUART MCKENZIE: That's all right. I'll come around this side, because I'd prefer him to come out here than-- But he could be anywhere, I guess. Because it-- it's just hard to keep track of them sometimes.

Just everybody have your wits about you. I can't see him yet, but. Then you may have to pass this to me.

- Easy.

- He's coming out this way.

STUART MCKENZIE: All good. All good.

- He's right there. You see him, mate?

STUART MCKENZIE: Oh! It's all right, stay back. It's all good. All good. [INAUDIBLE]

Hey, you're all right. Not a happy red-belly. I'm just going to take me time.

Wow, look at the size of him. I'm just going to bring him back onto the grass. That right there is a massive red-bellied black snake. But you just see how quick they can be. And if they want to get defensive, they will. Hey.

Look at the size of him. You were certainly right about how big he was. Wow. That's one of the biggest red-bellies I've caught in a long time.

Get down, buddy. All right, time to be bagged up. As you can see, very movement orientated. Hopefully he'll just go for the dark spot in the bag.

Hey. Get in the bag, come on. You are an absolute. And my phone's ringing, I feel like. But--


In you go. OK, if you're not going to play the game.


How good is that?


That is a big snake. My goodness, phone's going off everywhere.


Look at the size of this snake. It is huge. So I'm 6 foot tall, and it's nearly up to my shoulders.

Get down. So that would make it about a 5-foot chunky red-belly, nearly the thickness of a can in the middle. All right, we'll let him go.


See you, buddy. [INAUDIBLE]