This One Costco Shopping Hack Could Help You Save Hundreds on Holiday Gifts This Year

Costco saves the day yet again—this time with its gift cards.



There are many benefits to having a Costco membership, especially during the holiday shopping season. Sure, the advent calendars are fun, and the variety of small items for stocking stuffers is superb, but there's something else that is a far better bang for your buck.

A TikTok recently explained that buying gift cards from the retailer may save you hundreds. "You'd be surprised at how many people don't know this, but actually sells gift cards to some of your favorite places at a discount," video creator Ravi Wadan (@raviwadan) said in the clip. "If you're not checking for gift cards on, you're not taking full advantage of your Costco membership."

Whether you're looking for gift cards for restaurants, movie theaters, stores, or theme parks, Costco has it all. Read on to see what the best deals on gift cards are right now.

The Best Deals On Gift Cards

  • $500 Southwest Airlines gift card for $449.99

  • $100 worth of Fogo de Chao gift cards for $79.99

  • $100 worth of Domino's gift cards for $79.99

  • $100 worth of Peet's Coffee gift cards for $79.99

  • $100 worth of California Pizza Kitchen gift cards for $79.99

  • $100 worth of Spafinder gift cards for $79.99

  • $100 worth of Chuck E. Cheese gift cards for $74.99

  • $100 Xbox digital download gift card for $89.99

  • $60 worth of Krispy Kreme gift cards for $44.99

  • $60 worth of Pinkberry gift cards for $47.99

  • $50 Cinemark Theatres gift card for $39.99

Tips For Maximizing Your Savings

Here are a few ways you can stack the savings when shopping for gift cards from Costco.

  • Pay with a cash back credit card to save an additional amount on the already-discounted gift cards.

  • While you can check out Costco's website for their gift card selection, it's worth visiting a Costco store nearby to see if they offer gift cards from local retailers.

  • Even if you don't want to give a gift card as a present, you can still use it to shop for a gift. And for added savings, try shopping with the gift card during a sale.

  • Make sure to periodically check the Costco website, especially during different holidays, as the selection of gift cards may vary by season and could be temporarily out of stock at certain times.

Oh, and it's worth mentioning that there are no additional fees or taxes added to the price of gift cards, so you can take full advantage of these deals!

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