'One Piece' creator Eiichiro Oda asked AI to write the next chapter of his manga. Here's the results


Eiichiro Oda, the famed mangaka behind the record-breaking manga series "One Piece," recently turned to the artificial intelligence (AI) program ChatGPT for inspiration for the next installment of his series.

In a video uploaded by the official “One Piece” staff Twitter account on Feb. 26, Oda is shown asking the popular AI chat software to write the manga's new chapter.

“I can’t think of what to do with next week’s One Piece, so can you come up with a story for me? I’d like a very funny one.” Oda purportedly told the AI, according to Animehunch.

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ChatGPT responded with a plot that introduced a new enemy called the “King of Shadows,” a mysterious Devil Fruit-using character with the power to control shadows who aims to get the Straw Hats crew’s mascot, Tony Tony Chopper:

The crew takes a ship to the east coast to fight him, and a fierce battle with the king begins. However, the king has powerful abilities, so the crew struggles. There Robin remembers the existence of a legendary tribe called the “People of Shadows,” whom she had met in the past, and sets out to find them.

The crew visits the “Island of Shadows,” the land of the People of Shadows. There, they decide to fight to regain the power that the king has stolen from the Shadow People. During the battle, the crew meets new allies and joins forces with them to fight the king.

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In the end, they defeat the king and rescue Tony Tony Chopper. But before they leave the Isle of Shadows, Robin decides to study the history of the Shadow People and remains in their royal palace. After learning more about the history of the Shadow People and making new discoveries, she rejoins the gang.

When Oda told the AI he found the story boring, it spun another storyline in which an alien joins Luffy’s crew of pirates to fight an evil spaceship:

The aliens enlist the help of their captain and crew to continue their voyage in pursuit of the evil spaceship. Along the way, they land on an island. But the island is inhabited by a witch with evil powers. The witch is plotting to steal a “piece of star” that the aliens have. The star pieces are necessary for the restoration of the aliens’ planet.

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The captain, crew and aliens join forces to defeat the witch. They are victorious. But the aliens know they are running out of time to track down the spaceship. After getting the star fragment, they rush back to the ship and chased after the spaceship.

Finally, the captain and crew assist the aliens and help them rebuild their planet. The aliens then leave the ship and return to their planet.

Apparently pleased with the idea, the manga creator indicated that this will be the basis for the next installation in the "One Piece" saga, saying, "That’s exactly what I’ll do!"

"One Piece" has become one of the best-known and best-selling manga series in the world since its first installment was released in 1997.

The series follows Luffy and his team as they hunt for the titular treasure coveted by all pirates. Now with over 100 volumes, the series released its last installment last year on July 25 in the Japanese weekly manga magazine Shonen Jump.

In January, Netflix announced its “One Piece” live-action adaptation will be available for streaming later this year.

“Adventure is on the horizon! One Piece sets sail in 2023,” Netflix’s official Twitter account wrote, sharing a poster for the upcoming series.