One year after its reveal, James Gunn explains how plans for DCU Chapter One have changed

 James Gunn and Superman.
James Gunn and Superman.

One year after its announcement, James Gunn has given an update on DCU Chapter One: Gods and Monsters.

"One year ago today Peter Safran & I introduced our DC slate for the 1st time – thanks to all of you for the support you’ve given us throughout the year," Gunn shared via Instagram. "Today, Superman Legacy is about to start production, episodes of Creature Commandos are being finished that will release later this year, at least 2 more projects are gearing up to go in the next couple months, amazing scripts keep coming in, & incredible talent are being attached to new projects, planned & unplanned. Thank you!!"

The upcoming projects include Superman: Legacy, starring David Corenswet as the titular Man of Steel; Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow, starring House of the Dragon's Milly Alcock; Batman movie The Brave and the Bold; Wonder Woman prequel series Paradise Lost; and Creature Commandos, a seven-episode animated series centered on Viola Davis's Amanda Waller.

Gunn also took to Threads to explain that the initial order of DCU Chapter One has shifted around.

"Some things have shifted around – some projects now earlier, others later, & other new projects are being developed," he wrote. "Like I said from the beginning, we are going to put things in production based on when we have a great script, & nothing else. And luckily we’ve had some great scripts take us by surprise."

Superman: Legacy is still slated to be the first project release in the DCU, though, as Gunn said, everything is subject to change.

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