Online reaction as Glenavon confirm Gary Hamilton's manager exit after 12 years

Gary Hamilton celebrates Irish Cup success with Glenavon in 2016. (Photo by Colm Lenaghan/Pacemaker)
Gary Hamilton celebrates Irish Cup success with Glenavon in 2016. (Photo by Colm Lenaghan/Pacemaker)

Immediate online reaction to the news across X and Facebook included the following:

@g2mcc: After a week full of uncertainty the inevitable has happened. There can be little doubt that this change was coming for a fair while, but also fans can reflect on a largely successful period with the wonderful memories of two Irish Cup wins. Wonder what happens next?

@NeilU72: Probably time for a change but still leaves a sense of sadness given what GH achieved up until the money started coming into the league. Lack of investment is the real problem

@Carolin67522630: Total madness …

@Skininho: Sorry to see Gary go, it may have been rough for a while but he has given me some of my favourite memories supporting Glenavon.

@ConnaireMcG: It’s been a dreadful start for Glenavon. I’m not sure the Manager is totally at fault. It’s 5 years since they took on Molde. In the last 5-7 years the top league has changed. Record transfer fees and wages. Have Glenavon kept up with it? I don’t think so.

@HaskinsIvor: If the next stop both parties pull into are the correct ones, then I think it could be a good move for Gary & Glenavon. That's a big 'if' however. I'll get off the fence & suggest it had all gone a bit stale - in both directions - of late IMO.

Martin: David Jeffrey has to be the only man for the job – go and get him.

Wayne: We will see where we are in May. I would say Championship no doubt now as he has kept us mid-table on a shoestring budget over the past 12 years and I doubt any other manager in league football would have done any better. The majority have got their wish, hope it doesn’t come back to bite them come May. All the best Hammy/. Legend.

Ross: Absolutely madness… NO-ONE will be as successful as Gary has been…he’ll be sadly missed...thanks for the memories, the club will never get another manager that loves and supported their boyhood club…

Andrew: Gary brought the good times back to Glenavon after a number of long years of relegation dogfights. Whilst it would never last forever, I’m disappointed it has ended this way. Thanks for everything Gaz, Maccers, Fergie and Chris!

Jonny: All the best to Gary, Paul and Fergie. Great success for majority of the tenure and overachieving with minimal budget. Massive decision ahead with who takes over. Investment needed also.

Stephanie: Sad to see Gary go this way but it’s the best decision for the club and for Gary! Recently the results and performances haven’t been good enough. The blame doesn’t lie with the board, it’s the management team. We have a decent team and the board have made it clear in the past there is money, so let's get a decent manager in and see what support the board gives them.

Jamie: Stuarty King, Tim McCann or Darren Mullen?