'Ford is incompetent. Lecce is incompetent': ‘Breakfast Television’, ‘The Social’ hosts skewer Ontario government over CUPE strike

'Breakfast Television', 'The Social' hosts Sid Seixeiro and Elaine Lui blast Ontario government over CUPE strike

Today, thousands of Ontario education workers hit picket lines across the province as the first day of an indefinite walkout that shut down many schools.

A union of 55,000 education workers represented by the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) is protesting after the Progressive Conservative government enacted Bill 28, a law that strips CUPE members’ right to strike, a sweeping move many critics are calling 'horrifying'.

Many Canadians are supporting education workers on and off social media, including Canadian TV hosts blasting Ford’s government for imposing the controversial bill.

Elaine Lui, co-host of The Social on CTV, explained the stigma CUPE workers endure during an impassioned segment. "You know there are unfortunately people out there who think that people go on strike are just demanding too much money. They're lazy. They don't want to go to work...," she exclaimed.

Nobody really wants to go on strike, let’s just disabuse people of that perception right now. Nobody wants to have their job in jeopardy.Elaine Lui, co-host of The Social

In the comments, someone responded, “Unfortunately the public is extremely misinformed about the why’s being this strike and the reality of the work these CUPE members do. They are integral & deserve better.”

Breakfast Television’s Sid Seixeiro said he’s angry about Bill 28.

I’m looking at some of the lowest paid public sector employees we have in the province, and Doug Ford just took out the biggest baseball bat he could find and went to town, and acted like none of us was going to notice.Sid Seixeiro, Breakfast Television

"This is outrageous. This is outrageous......They had one job since June...Where are the kids today? I've been in this business 20 years, I know what incompetence is, and I know what incompetence looks like. When you can't do your job, you're incompetent... Doug Ford is incompetent. Stephen Lecce is incompetent."

Some Canadians have mixed reactions to what Seixeiro expressed.

Beyond TV hosts, other Canadian media figures are also making their opinions known online.

Members of the CUPE are on strike indefinitely. Other educators, parents, and supporters are joining them on the front lines.