Oprah Winfrey Celebrates 70th Birthday With a Message About ‘Health’

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Oprah Winfrey Celebrates 70th Birthday With VideoMichael Tran - Getty Images
  • Oprah Winfrey celebrated her 70th birthday with a new Instagram video.

  • She captioned the post: “Health is the best gift.”

  • She’s previously shared her wisdom on how to live a happy life and get better with age.

Oprah is celebrating a major milestone: her 70th birthday! And like everything the media mogul does, she’s ringing in the next decade with wisdom and grace.

In honor of the big day, Winfrey posted a video featuring her and her dog going for a jog, in her favorite leggings and running shoes, at the beach. She captioned the post: “Celebrating 70 with a run on the beach. #healthisthebestgift,” she wrote. “Thank you for all the birthday love 🥳”

In a previous conversation with Maria Shriver on menopause, Winfrey shared her thoughts on aging, saying that the entire anti-aging movement is “ridiculous,” because, in the end, aging is [going to] win.”

Winfrey continued at the time, “In a culture where everything is anti-aging—every product is an anti-aging product, everything you’re supposed to eat is an anti-aging thing. The whole culture is set up to tell you that the thing that is most natural—we’re surrounded by these beautiful trees here that literally get better with age. I think we all get better with age—the culture is set up to tell us, in our particular society, that it’s the wrong thing.”

Now, celebrating her 70th birthday, she’s showing all of us how we can get better with age. After undergoing double knee replacement surgery in 2021, Winfrey “vowed that if I was ever able to get up and get around and move again, that I would take advantage of movement, of exercise, of being able to be fully in my body and use my body,” she said.

And Winfrey is a woman of her word. She said that as she was rehabilitating, she started hiking every day—“and my appreciation for every organ and every limb has expanded exponentially,” she said.

Even more than hiking, though, the 70-year-old opened up about her secret to a happy life—and it’s not her immense success and fame. “Gratitude has always been my core,” she said at the time. “I’ve been journaling since I was 15; I still have my journals from when I was 15. I always end [the day] with the five things that I’m grateful for.”

“What you focus on in your life expands, so focusing on what you’re grateful for increases positive vibrations and feelings of joy,” she continued at the time. “One good feeling builds on another good feeling and another. If you actively appreciate all that you have in life, no matter how small it is, what you’ll notice is you will end up having more. And when you hone in on what you don’t have, you never have enough.”

We have to believe that something about Winfrey’s daily practice is working. We only hope that she continues to share her wisdom so that we can all feel better with age. Happy Birthday, Oprah! We hope that this is your best year yet.

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