Before You Order A Chocolate Kiss Cocktail, Know Which Version You're Getting

Chocolate Kiss Cocktail
Chocolate Kiss Cocktail - StripHouseWM / 'X' formerly known as Twitter

If you love drinking and you love chocolate, order a chocolate kiss cocktail the next time you're at a bar. You will be pleased with a delicious spiked chocolatey drink that will make you warm and fuzzy. But if you go to another bar and order the same, don't be surprised if your drink tastes a bit different than the last chocolate kiss you enjoyed. In fact, don't be surprised if it doesn't taste anything like the last one you had; there isn't a standard recipe for a chocolate kiss cocktail, so this drink can be made in countless ways.

The two ingredients you'll consistently find in a chocolate kiss are chocolate and alcohol, while the other ingredients will vary. If you'd like to order a chocolate kiss cocktail at a bar or restaurant, be sure to ask how it's made so that you know what to expect. Since there is no traditional or definitive way to make this drink, ordering a chocolate kiss can be such a fun and delicious surprise, especially if you love great chocolate cocktails.

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How Chocolate And Alcohol Can Be Incorporated Into A Chocolate Kiss Cocktail

Chocolate kiss cocktail
Chocolate kiss cocktail - OldForgeDistill / 'X' formerly known as Twitter

If you're a chocolate lover, ordering a chocolate kiss will satisfy your sweet tooth. The cocktail may contain chocolate bitters, liqueurs, syrups, hot chocolate, and crushed chocolate cookies, among other chocolate ingredients. And if you love cocktails, you won't be let down when you sip your chocolate kiss since it can have a variety of alcohol as its liquid base, including liqueurs, rum, vodka, cognac, bourbon, or tequila.

You may be wondering what accounts for the "kiss" in this cocktail; plenty of people associate chocolate with a classic Hershey's Kisses chocolate candy, which sometimes comes on the rim of the glass as a garnish to top off this cocktail. If you've never enjoyed this velvety smooth cocktail, appreciate the various ways different bartenders make them to find your favorite rendition. You can even use their tips to make your own chocolate kiss cocktail at home.

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