Organize Your Medicine Cabinet Once and for All With This Clever TikTok Hack

Hint: Your label maker is your friend.

<p>Tetra Images/Getty Images</p>

Tetra Images/Getty Images

Medicine cabinets are notorious for being messy. But one family finally found the secret to a well-organized medicine cabinet, which they call “a dream come true.”

In a TikTok video from organizing experts @fithomeorganizer, the professional organizers solved their clients' messy situation with several small bins. Each is labeled with categories like cold and flu, pain relief, and prescriptions. Additionally, every family member has a container with their name on it.

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Part of a medicine cabinet’s disorganization is not having a place to put things, and these categorized bins solve that problem.

And from the looks of it, viewers can’t wait to get their own medicine cabinets in shape. “I need this because my supplements and tinctures are just…all over the place,” said one commenter. “I need this level of organization in my life,” said another.

If you want to replicate this cabinet organization idea in your home, you can snag your own Lawei Stackable Storage Bins, which come in a pack of four for $27 on Amazon.

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