Star Wars Scum and Villainy

Original Star Wars poster concept

One of the many poster designs that were never used

The original 1977 'Star Wars' posters have become an iconic image amongst the fans… but here's one poster concept you might not have seen.

Unearthed by Christopher Mills over at Space1970, this unused design shows a very different marketing strategy for the classic 'Star Wars' movie we all know and love. Created to market the 1977 classic, 'Star Wars: A New Hope' this was one of the many concept designs that eventually went unused… but I have to admit, I rather like it.

[Google Maps: Star Wars edition]

Using a very strong, graphic style, the poster takes a rather strange angle in advertising the film - comparing it to cult sci-fi icons such as Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon. Of course, we know that George Lucas was heavily inspired by these classic sci-fi heroes, but it still seems like an odd way to market an all-new, cutting-edge movie… and could be one of the reasons it was never used.

"What's so ironic about this," Christopher Mills explains, "is that it was the spectacular success of Luke Skywalker that paved the way for both Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon to return to the big screen over the next few years."

The advertising campaign for 'Star Wars: A New Hope' was orchestrated by Doyle Dane Burnbach… and this is assumed to be a concept piece from that campaign. Responsible for the first advance posters, the design was eventually settled on the iconic poster we all know and love… and while I love this unused concept piece, I can see why they chose to change it.

Obviously, we're more used to seeing Luke Skywalker wielding his trademark lightsaber rather than a run-of-the-mill blaster rifle… but I can't help thinking this poster is still rather cool. And I certainly wouldn't mind one for my office.

What do you think of this cool concept poster? Do you think they chose the right version in the end?