Oscars 2013: Woman's toilet floods before ceremony

40 per cent of foyer underwater minutes before show.

The 2013 Oscars was the scene of a bizarre flooding incident.

The woman’s bathroom at the Dolby Theatre flooded 30 minutes before the show began when a pipe exploded, according to reports.

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Apparently “40 per cent” of the foyer was under an inch of water, as workers were scrambled to sort out the mess in time for the stars to enter the auditorium.

Two huge wet vacuum cleaners were needed to sort out the flood, as stars were diverted away from the mess - from the second-floor bar down to the first floor.

The pipe burst when the mother of Kief Davidson, director of the Oscar-nominated documentary short 'Open Heart', flushed a toilet, sending water into the lobby where nearly every nominee was walking in.

Lucy Walker, a 2012 Oscar-nominee in the same category for her short "The Tsunami and The Cherry Blossom," told TheWrap that Davidson's mother was soaked.

"The poor woman came out looking like a scene from 'Carrie,'" she told TheWrap. "She was drenched."

The bizarre mishap was noticed by prop men shuttling Oscars to the stage, who saw an open stage door. "The guys who lock that door are involved in a flood in the bathroom," a woman on the crew informed them.

Despite the incident, host Seth MacFarlane was still on hand to get the awards going on time.