The Oscars Aren't A Competition

 Oscars Statuette.
Oscars Statuette.

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The Oscar Nominations celebrating the movies released in 2023 are finally here. The guys are in London for a junket (interview coming next week) and call in to discuss some of the major storylines following the announcement. Oppenheimer earned the most nominations, Poor Things, another film we’ve championed, surprised with the second most, and somehow both Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie were left off the ballot for their respective categories.

All this chat raised an interesting question of whether or not the Oscars are a “competition,” and what’s the best way for us to view and consider the movies being honored.

Timestamps (approx. only)

  • 00:00:00 - Intro

  • 00:04:50 - Oppenheimer Leads Nominations

  • 00:15:53 - How The Best Director Category Stacked Up

  • 00:23:03 - Should We Look At The Oscars As A Competition?

  • 00:30:11 - ‘Barbie’ Gets Best Picture, Greta and Margot Snubbed

  • 00:39:37 - The Best Actor Category Is Done?

  • 00:46:17 - Martin Scorsese Is The Most Nominated Director Ever

  • 00:49:00 - How The “Oscar Film” Has Changed

  • 00:52:46 - Daniel Pemberton & ‘Across The Spider-Verse’s’ Score Snubbed!

  • 00:58:12 - Outro

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