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Top Cat: The Movie – 1/5

In short:
A gaudy 3D reworking of the classic kids animation makes its way to the cinemas. We follow Top Cat and his gang of alley cats as they try and come to terms with an evil new Police Chief. Officer Dibble remains on the beat, but even he is under threat from his superior, especially when the police force become automated robots. Keen to get rid of the pesky Top Cat once and for all, the chief sends the leader of the gang to Dog Prison by framing him for a crime he didn't commit. Can 'TC' convince those around him that he is innocent, and eventually escape to bring back order to the city?

What we think:
A bargain-basement adaptation replete with trashy 3D and rubbish animation. Even Top Cat would turn his nose up at this garbage.

The word out there:

: If you're feeling nostalgic, dig out some copies of the original cartoon instead.
: An air of boredom permeated the screening I attended and laughs were universally non-existent.
Sky Movies
: Following ‘The Jetsons’, ‘The Flintstones’, ‘Scooby-Doo’ and ‘Yogi Bear’, it’s yet more evidence that the Hanna-Barbera conveyor belt simply wasn't designed to reach the big screen.
: No child or parent deserves to be subjected to something so effortless and cynical.

Release date: 1 June
Runtime: 90 mins
Rating: U

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Prometheus – 3/5

In short:

When scientists Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and Charlie Holloway (Logan Marshall-Green) discover a cave painting on the Isle of Skye, they both believe they have found an invitation from an alien race. A mission is launched by Weyland Industries, spearheaded by aloof Meredith Vickers (Charlize Theron), monitored by android David (Michael Fassbender) and supported by a predictably motley crew (including Idris Elba). They believe that the alien race they seek could provide insights into the origins of mankind, but some motives are clearer than others on this voyage of discovery, and what they will actually find at their destination is murkier still.

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What we think:

This is a curiously uninvolving experience and - like the victim of a chestburster - you’ll feel empty inside when the credits roll.

The word out there:
The Guardian: It is a muddled, intricate, spectacular film, but more or less in control of all its craziness and is very watchable. It lacks the central killer punch of ‘Alien’...
The Sun Online: There were elements of the story that strayed beyond believability. But I was far too caught up in the drama to worry about that.
Empire: Buffeted by a lack of suspense, threadbare characters, and a very poor script, the stunning visuals, gloopy madness, and sterling Fassbenderiness can’t prevent ‘Prometheus’ feeling like ‘Alien’s poor relation.
TimeOut: Perhaps more than any other film, ‘Prometheus’ is reminiscent of Chris Nolan’s ‘Inception’: It’s slick, gorgeously designed and scattered with intriguing concepts. But there’s just no real power behind it.

Release date: 1 June
Runtime: 124 mins
Rating: 15

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Snow White And The Huntsman – 3/5

In short:
Snow White (Kristen Stewart) has been imprisoned by her wicked stepmother, Queen Ravenna (Charlize Theron), whose supernatural powers are dependant on remaining the fairest in the land. So  when Snow White grows from a precocious child into a beautiful woman, the queen is far from pleased. Escaping into the dark woods that dominate the land, Snow White becomes the target of a Huntsman (Chris Hemsworth) hired by the Queens' brother. However, when the true nature of his mission is revealed, the Huntsman becomes an unlikely ally, willing to lay his life on the line for the heir to the throne. Other helpers join the quest to overthrow Ravenna, with seven dwarves and a childhood sweetheart swearing allegiance to Snow White, and an epic battle between good and evil is about to begin.

What we think:
A classic fairytale given an epic makeover, this Snow White has some fight and style but not enough substance to stay the course.

The word out there:
The Telegraph: The design and effects are good but ‘Snow White And The Huntsman’ is disappointing fare.
Total Film: A visually inventive, deliciously dark fairytale reheat. The story’s far from the stuff of legend, but Theron makes for a ferocious meanie, helping to flush away ‘Mirror Mirror’s sugary aftertaste.
TimeOut: The result is witless, heartless and dull. Even the Twi-hards are going to want their money back.
Entertainment Weekly: Snow White and the Huntsman is a tastefully overbearing franchise fairy tale with a handful of ravishing touches.

Release date: 30 May
Runtime: 93mins
Rating: 12A

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The Angels' Share – 2.5/5

In short:

Social-realist Ken Loach and writing partner Paul Laverty are back, this time with a Scotland-based whisky heist. Glaswegian thug Robbie (Paul Brannigan) has narrowly avoided a jail term, it's a lucky escape - particularly as supportive girlfriend Leonie (Siobhan Reilly) is about to have a baby. Leonie's family aren't keen to invite Robbie into their fold, and their increasingly aggressive cold-shouldering threatens Robbie's parole. Enter Harry (John Henshaw), Robbie's community service boss, who introduces his agitated charge to the finer points of whisky. Through the magic of the malt, Robbie finds a new talent. He also spots a chance to siphon off some of a particularly rare malt, and use it to fund a new life for his family. He'll need help from a few down-and-out community service mates to get the job done though.

What we think:
It's big-hearted, and there's a fair amount of fun to be had, but a gritty opening and some serious social issues are introduced but never properly dealt with. Good for a laugh but not much more.

The word out there:
: Like good whisky, Loach is mellowing and becoming subtler with age — though a swift chug still has a bit of a kick.
Total Film
: Funny, frank and it won’t give you a splitting hangover.
Little White Lies
: The time is ripe for a great Ken Loach film. If only Ken Loach was up for making one.
: It’s also somewhat jarring to show the real consequences of crime and its victims before launching wholeheartedly into a comedy-slanted crime spree. Disjointed is the mildest word for this kind of inconsistency.

Release date: 1 June
Runtime: 101 mins
Rating: 15

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