Outlander star's new movie Love Again gets mixed first reviews

The first reviews are in for Outlander star Sam Heughan and Priyanka Chopra Jonas' new romcom Love Again, and it's a mixed bag.

The film's plot also sees pop legend Celine Dion co-starring as herself. Chopra Jonas stars as Mira Ray, a woman who's struggling following the death of her fiancé.

As she works through her grief, Mira sends a load of heartfelt messages to her late partner's old phone number which – unknown to her – has been reassigned to journalist Rob Burns (Heughan).

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Heartbroken himself, Mira's texts lead Rob to try and find Mira in real life, using clues in her messages. But things then take an odder turn, as Rob has been tasked with interviewing Celine Dion, the queen of the heartbreak ballad.

Playing herself, Celine's music seems to serve as a device to tap into Rob's romantic side and also remind viewers of her pop hits.

Some critics certainly aren't going to 'Think Twice' about recommending Love Again, panning both its plot and the chemistry between the two leads. Then there's Dion's role, with other reviewers noting the movie seems to serve as almost a commercial for her music.

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But for those looking for some true rom-com escapism, Love Again might just be the one – but only if you're already the type to belt out 'My Heart Will Go On' in the shower.

Here's a round-up of what the critics have been saying:


"Love Again was never intended for the skeptics, whereas admirers will appreciate the comeback aspect of her first film role. It’s a big-screen romance that aspires to making fans feel the way Dion's music does, like their hearts can go on."


"Yes, most of the laugh lines in Love Again are stale enough that even just hearing them kind of hurts your teeth, but for all of its blatant ridiculousness, this movie seldom tries to be funny."

Culture Mix

"The painfully unfunny, boring and very outdated Love Again is a fake-looking romantic comedy/drama that also wants to be a Céline Dion commercial."


"Love Again carries initial care for profound situations of pain, finding ways to address the reality of the mourning process without completely losing itself to cliché."

NYC Movie Guru

"Heartwarming, tender and witty. If you enjoy '90s romcoms like You've Got Mail and While You Were Sleeping, you'll probably enjoy Love Again, too."

Love Again is out now in US cinemas and is released in UK cinemas on Wednesday, May 10.

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