'Outlaw King' trailer: Chris Pine's Scottish accent miraculously 'not sh*te'

Chris Pine as the Outlaw King (Netflix)
Chris Pine as the Outlaw King (Netflix)

Chris Pine has ditched his box fresh Starfleet uniform and smoothly coiffed Captain Kirk hairstyle in favour of a mud-encrusted tabard and a mullet-beard combo to play Robert the Bruce in Outlaw King.

Netflix has today launched the first trailer for the historical epic ahead of its global launch in November, giving us our first listen to the Star Trek actor’s accent as the legendary Scot.

Americans doing Scottish accents is often quite risky, with Mel Gibson’s dodgy effort in Braveheart being the low benchmark that most are judged against. Maybe it’s just payback for every accent Sean Connery ever attempted?

From the little that we hear in the first Outlaw King trailer, Pine’s accent is passable, with the Californian actor wisely opting for a loose brogue rather than a full-on Groundskeeper Willie effort.

Scottish people on Twitter have been quick cast judgment on Pine’s vocal efforts with verdicts ranging from “not sh***” to “OK”.

Though many have questioned whether Pine is the best person to play the iconic Scotsman when there are plenty of talented Scottish actors who are up to the task.

One thing more worrying to us than Pine’s accent though is his mullet. We didn’t realise the “business on top, party at the back” style was so popular in the medieval highlands.

“It’s a haircut Jim, but not as we know it…” (Netflix)
“It’s a haircut Jim, but not as we know it…” (Netflix)

Pine is reteaming with Hell or High Water director David Mackenzie on Outlaw King which tells the true story of Robert the Bruce who died in 1329.

Outlaw King takes place over the extraordinary historic year when Robert the Bruce fights to regain control having been crowned King of Scots, only to be defeated in a surprise attack and made an outlaw by the English King and his occupying forces.

He is today revered in Scotland as a national hero.

Chris Pine and Florence Pugh in David Mackenzie’s ‘Outlaw King’. (Netflix)
Chris Pine and Florence Pugh in David Mackenzie’s ‘Outlaw King’. (Netflix)

“Chris will bring intensity and flair to Robert the Bruce and his struggle to take back his country, being crowned King of Scots, then suffering a disastrous defeat and left on the run with just a handful of supporters only to claw his way, with bravery and cunning, back to victory,” said Mackenzie. “This was an early form of guerrilla warfare against the might of a vastly bigger better resourced enemy and is one of the great comeback stories of history.”

Outlaw King, which also stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Florence Pugh, and Stephen Dillane, hits Netflix and selected cinemas on 9 November.

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