Owen Teague spent weeks walking like an ape after Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes

Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes director Wes Ball speaks to Yahoo UK about the blockbuster, and the lessons Andy Serkis taught him and the cast.

Video transcript

I want to ask like about the eight boot camp that had to go through because obviously they are all incredible and all the different respective roles.I wonder, what was it like on this movie?It was crucial, you know, and that was one thing Andy always told us it was like, you really have to, you know, really become an ape.You can't be pretending to be an ape, you have to get, become so intuitive.And so, you know, in terms that when we're out on set, they're not even thinking about it, they're just doing their ape thing, you know what I mean?And it's funny because I know Owen was talking about like two weeks.He went, how do you do do another movie after our movie?Um And like he, the director came to say, why are you walking funny?Because he was still in him, he was still kind of walking like an ape.It was just, they hold themselves differently, you know what I mean?Because it's like they just become that thing which was fascinating and that it's crucial.It's, it's to, it's totally necessary that they, they don't think about that stuff.So that, because you can tell when it, when it, they come an ape, if they weren't there or some actor, oh, they weren't quite doing the ape thing and they look at their human walking around, you know what I mean?So, it's really fascinating stuff and, and it was quite a learning experience, you know, for all of us, I think.