Pacific Rim 2 To Start Filming In China Next Month

Now officially out of development limbo, the sequel to kaiju vs. robots actioner ‘Pacific Rim’ is set to being filming in October.

According to China Film Insider, filming will take place at the brand new Wanda Qingdao Studio, part of a giant ‘entertainment complex’ in the city of Qingdao, on China’s east coast.

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Director Steven S. DeKnight will be helming the movie, called ‘Pacific Rim: Maelstrom’, taking over from Guillermo Del Toro, who remains in place as a producer.

The movie was initially set for a summer 2017 release, but Legendary, the production company behind it, put it on hold last September, throwing its future into doubt.

Rumours suggested the movie would be cancelled altogether, with the first instalment proving to be a box office disappointment with its gross just over $400 million from a sizeable $190 million budget.

After marketing and promotion, it was likely not to have made any money at all, but a release date for the sequel was then confirmed in July this year.

‘Star Wars’ star John Boyega is in for the lead, with Scott Eastwood also in talks for a ‘key role’.

It’s thought Ron Perlman will be back too, but not Charlie Hunnam or Idris Elba, who dominated the first movie.

‘Daredevil’ director DeKnight also teased this week that a member of the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy 2’ cast is also on board, but would not specify who.

‘Pacific Rim: Maelstrom’ powers up in February, 2018.

Image credits: Legendary/Getty