Paddy McGuinness: ‘If Christine met someone else, I’d be supportive’

Paddy McGuinness is open to Christine seeing other people credit:Bang Showbiz
Paddy McGuinness is open to Christine seeing other people credit:Bang Showbiz

Paddy McGuinness is open to ex Christine McGuinness seeing other people.

The pair announced their separation after 11 years of marriage in 2022, though have chosen to live together for the sake of their three children Leo, eight, Penelope, eight, and Felicity, five - who all have autism - and despite maintaining the family dynamic, the former ‘Top Gear’ presenter, 50, would be ok if his 36-year-old ex-wife found love with someone else.

Speaking with the Daily Mirror newspaper, he said: “If Christine met someone else, I’d be supportive.

“If someone didn’t know our situation and came to our house and they spent the day with us, they would not have a clue [we were not together]. We get on well, we live together and co-parent. We get the lawyers back and forth but that’s separate - that’s a different thing.”

Paddy also revealed he had been on a few dates, but has now decided to stay single and focus on his family.

He explained: “ I tried a couple of dates last year – After twelve months of adjusting to life on my own I felt I should give it a try rather than really wanting to. For now I’m happy being single.

“For now, we’re happy with how things are, living together and helping each other balance work and kids.”

Christine - who was also diagnosed with autism in 2021 - agreed with her former husband, and stressed it was more important she prioritised how her life “feels” instead of “how it looks to others”.

She told The Times newspaper: “We have a unique family, with four of us being autistic and one not. For me, I care more about how my life feels than how it looks to others.

“I don’t know how I would have felt if I hadn’t been diagnosed [with autism]. But now I understand myself and my children, I am quite strong in doing what I believe is right, rather than what society says you should do.

“Right now I’m focusing on the children. I’m focusing on work and I’m quite happy to put my love life on hold to be a mum.”