Paramedics Battling To Help 'Extremely Unwell' Patient Left Note Slamming Their Parking

Jasmin Gray
Paramedics in Birmingham were shocked to find the angry note on their windscreen (Tasha Starkey)

Paramedics treating a critically-ill patient who needed blue-lighting to hospital were astounded to find a note on their ambulance slamming them for blocking someone’s driveway. 

Emergency service workers from the West Midlands Ambulance Service had rushed to reports of an “extremely ill” man who was vomiting blood on Friday night. 

But when they returned to their rig, they discovered an angry message slamming their parking. 

“You may be saving lives but don’t park your van in a stupid place and block my drive,” the scribbled note read. 

'You may be saving lives, but don't park your van in a stupid place and block my drive.'

Paramedic Tasha Starkey tweeted an image of the note which, according to the Coventry Telegraph, was left under the windscreen wiper in Small Heath, Birmingham at around 4.30pm. 

“Crew alerted an extremely poorly patient to hospital... minimal on scene time, arrived at hospital to find this note,” Starkey wrote.

“This patient was TIME CRITICAL,” she added. 

The image was then shared by the West Midlands Ambulance Service on Facebook, who wrote: “Sometimes we just don’t know quite what to say. 

“This was left on one of [the] ambulances today: ’You might be saving lives but don’t park your van in a stupid place and block my drive.′ 

“At the time, the crew were helping a man who was extremely unwell after vomiting a lot of blood,” the post continued. 

“They assessed his condition and immediately look him on blue lights to hospital where he was in a critical condition. 

“Our staff will always try and park considerately, but sometimes, there just isn’t time. #sorry #patientscomefirst.”

The note triggered a wave of angry responses on social media, with many reminding the author that they would not be upset about a blocked driveway if paramedics were saving them or their family. 

“I would not wish harm to anyone, but if this person ever needs an ambulance, let’s hope it doesn’t have to park half a mile down the road so as not to block someone’s drive,” one person tweeted.